Cant get the throttle on my joystick to work right, help plz



I can't seem to get the throttle on my joystick to work properly with FS2004. When doing the flight lessons it says to set my joystick throttle to 3/4 which I do, but when it's my turn to fly, I push my throttle all the way up but that doesnt set the throttle in the game to full throttle, and when I pull my joystick throttle all the way back, it doesnt set the planes throttle to idle.

It's a Logitech extreme 3d joystick.

Any clues how to get it to work properly?


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Have you calabirated it yet?


Yes, and in the calibration of win xp it shows the throttle meter go from 0 to full smoothly as it should. But in the sim it only goes down to about quarter throttle and up to 3/4 throttle, never full, and never idle.


Had that same problem, when I calibrated it would read from 0 to 1 (or 100 whatever max is), but when in game I couldn't either go idle or full. You have to adjust the null zone setting for your throttle in FS.

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