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I removed all the non supplied FS9 aircraft to another folder and with the no cd file in place the programme loaded - almost normally. I then re-loaded the aircraft with no problem. However, I am unable to trace the FS9.cfg file using all the links provided so far on various web sites. When the programme loads I have the aircraft panel but although all the sounds are there the gauges do not move and the aircraft does not move. Likewise the S key does not change the viewing mode BUT the sound changes to suit the mode e.g. from side view etc. Also even with numlock in place I get no changes.

One noticeable thing is that when I press the S key the panel stays where it is but the aircraft top is just visible over the top of the panel. I feel I need to check the video card but how I do that I do not know. I am making progress but after about 27 hours at it I should hope so.

Can anybody show me how to find the FS9.cfg file with Windows 10? Or whatever. Am away for about 15 days so will pick up where I left off after my return.

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Look here C:\Users\YOUR NAME\App Data\Roaming\Microsoft\FS9.

It's a hidden file on W10 like in XP.

Be sure you are searching using the "show hidden files" option.



i have win 10 and i have just installed all 4 cds for fsx 2004. even though i have cd - 4 in the driver when i double click the icon a window appears saying......access denied please login with administrator privileges and try again.
have i done anything wrong? what should i do in order to run the game. thank you

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Try right click on the icon and choose play under widows 7.


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