Where to find 'Airways' for PMDG 737 fmc?

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I have PMDG 737, 747, 777 in my fsx. I'm learning PMDG flights. I was watching a video which is the tutorial of PMDG 737NGX. He'll set up flight plan by feeding the airways along with NDBs and Waypoints. I'll plan my flight using onlineflightplanner.org. It doesn't contain the airways information.

My question is how to find the airways information for the particular waypoint or NDB? Kindly help me.

Thank you 😀

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Chaaru Manjuraj Guest

Hello Radarman,

I have read both articles. I couldn't find anything related to airway and fmc set up. Actually my question is, we can find two columns in the fmc while adding the flight plan. One is for waypoints and NDBs. Other column is for airways (i get to know this from a youtube video). In the tutorial video he'll said only like, "okay this is our first airway. So we have to put this here". So I just want to know where can I find the airway?

I have to put it in fmc. My flight plan doesn't contain airway. It has 4-5 points with heading airways. If I put that in fmc, it'll show 'invalid entry'. So please help me
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