BN2 B Trans Anguilla / Texture

Glenn Williamson Guest

I have downloaded the BN2 Trans Anguilla. All seems ok except that the colour is black. Is there a way I can correct this? I can see much effort has been put into this project and would love to fly this plane! I am using MFSX / Acceleration Expansion Pack / Desk Top PC.
Regards, Glenn. 😀

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Lower your slides in autogen, shadows, clouds and AI.
The Sim will look bad but if the aircraft has color then you know it most likely your video card.
If you post again, give us the full specs of your computer.


Glenn Williamson Guest

Thank you for the prompt advice. I tried it but the results are the same. Just as a matter of interest, I have downloaded many types of aircraft successfully. I am a 68 year old pensioner having sorted out some minor problems, the first time however experiencing texture hassles. My PC: Windows 7 Professional ,Memory(RAM)4.0GB, Graphics NVDIA GeForce210, Gaming graphics 2303MB total available graph mem, Primary hard disc284GB (Free 456GB Total), System Type 32 bit operating system. Graphics: Tot available graphics memory 2303 MB, Dedicated graphics mem. 1024MB, Shared system mem. 1279MB, Direct X version Direct X10. Trusting this info will help.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Low on Ram, W7 is using 2gigs or more leaving little for the Sim.
The video card is old and not strong enough to handle the complex graphics of FSX.
The only way to get it looking half-way good would be to continually play with the slides until you find a happy medium.

Getting a better video card would help a boost in ram will not help, a 32bit Operating System can only use about 31/2 of the 4 gigs. That is why MS started to put out a 64bit system..
I wouldn't spend to much money on improving a computer that lacks the power that can't be upgraded.


Glenn Williamson Guest

Thank you for the info.

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