New P3D PC Build : Which combination

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Hello Guys,

I'm building a new pc for P3D in next few weeks.

first of all i have to say i expect P3D to be running in 30/40 fps on 1080p or 900p with PMDGNGX , Complex sceneries (like Aerosoft heathrow) , REX and FTX background software since i have a remote laptop.

ok , with my budget there is 2-3 part combinations. all of them will be Over Clocked as high as possible.

1-6600K + GTX970 + 16GB 3000 + HDD + HYPER EVO 212 (cooling)

2-6700K + GTX960 + 16GB 3000 + HDD + HYPER EVO 212 (cooling)

3-6600K + GTX960 + 16GB 3000 + SSD + HYPER EVO 212 (cooling)

4-i can get SSD with decreasing the RAM to 8GB on the two first ones.
My questions are:

1-which combination would you recommend ? will it run to my expectations ?

2-i don't care about loading times , do i still need an SSD?

3-is that cooling enough for OCing to 4.5ghz ?

4-Do i need 16gb or 8gb would be enough ?

Thanks in advance !

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