Why ATC designates the same runway ...It never varies...???

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I`m just a "Pleasure" Flyer, and I like to fly around New York City`s 4 airports, and do Touch & Go`s in different landing situations...(Flaps...No Flaps...Hot Landings...etc.)
When I contact ATC they always assign me the same runways to land on...
LaGuardia it`s runway 4, Kennedy it`s runway 31 for Takeoff`s and 4R or 4L for landing, Liberty it`s 4L and 4R, Tetterboro it`s runway 1...
Is this something to do with the FSX settings or am I missing something...???
I would think the runways for landings and takeoffs would change with the weather conditions etc...???
Thanks for any suggestions...

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I find the same problem 😞 at Newark Liberty but not at Tetterboro. If you use the same weather theme then try Custom weather and give your self a Crosswind with whatever runway he active normally is.

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Mine change. I am based at KPIT (well i live near there in RL). It has to do with the bgl for that particular airport. If you have something like FSX Planner (free) you can open up that particular airport and check to make sure all the runways are "turned on" so to speak... meaning the tower can pick from them for landings and takeoffs. In the case of Pittsburgh Intl... our default runways are 28 L R and C. On calm days, that is where it sends you, or if the wind is blowing out of the west. On warm days it is usually coming from the east, so vectors are to 10 R L C instead. There are some occasions when a landing may need to be performed on the crosswind runway, 32, but never is there a takeoff or a landing from its opposite end 14.

When I installed FSX I had to manually change the settings cause by default FSX wanted me to takeoff and land on either 14 or 32. I had to tell it to use 32 for landing only... and not to use 14 at all (Though I use it as my personal runway to test new downloaded planes).

Even with all that done please remember the weather DOES make a difference too. If the winds are less than 6 kts, it will default to your main runways (in my case 28 L R C). I have set my weather to RL updated... so trust me, it changes... Pittsburgh is notorious for changing runways on a whim.

So look up FSX Planner online... Like I said it is free, and their wiki is very helpful. It requires you also have the FSX SDK installed to save the airport bgls. (The SDK- software developers kit) will be on you dvd or cd if u have gold or deluxe i think.

Hope this helps you.

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go thru the atc window..play with it you'll find options that lets you ask atc for another approch..

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