Low Approach Manual Landing: Please give me idea


I’m comfortable landing with low approach and it seems okay on simulator, actually I did many good touch down with it but I am curios if it will work as the same in the real world (If will not use the ILS).
Knowing that the default aircraft has full fuel and payload and FSX cannot fully compare to a real flight, I’m just curios if it will work to a safe landing as I did?
Please give me idea. Thanks.

Herewith A321 landing on FSX:

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Rick G Guest

I watched the video, very scary, at one point ALT 700, then 500, KIAS at one point lowered to 145 then 135,
Stall warning going off, audio warning stating approach too low. Can this work in real life? I hope not.

Have you tried, ILS landings in the larger default aircraft on FSX? Very simple and straight forward. Once I know my destination, I open Skyvector flight planning to the appropriate airport to determine ILS approach altitude for the runway I will be landing on, check ILS frequency against FSX frequency, set the ILS frequency, altitude and heading accordingly and enjoy the approach to landing, no sitting on the edge of the seat wondering if the aircraft will continue flying until the wheels touch the runway!

I notice nobody was replying to your post, but maybe, they couldn't believe what they were reading either?

Try the ILS landings and you will never go back!

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