Trying to master the ILS landing in the Airbus A321

RickG Guest

This aircraft is about to beat me! Can anyone out there tell me how they coordinate disengaging both the ATHR and AP buttons just prior to touchdown!

I started disengaging the ATHR at 150' AGL, and all is fine until I disengage AP shortly after the ATHR. Once I hit the AP button, the plane wants to drop out of the air very quickly which is not good that low to the ground.
Most of the time, I can catch the descent with the joystick and safely manually land the plane without issues! This takes quick timing and concentration, but I wouldn't think it should be that difficult? I must be approaching this task incorrectly and would appreciate any suggestions you all might have!

In comparison, the 737-800 is a "piece of cake" doing ILS approach to landings!

Thanks - Rick

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RadarMan Chief Captain

See if this helps.


Rick G Guest

Thanks, RadarMan, I tried the techniques of the video. The author shows disengaging the AP, and all functions disengage, AP and ATHR, which looks like it would work for me? I tried it and when I, pressed the AP button, it seemed like the ATHR kicked in to a more accelerated mode, which is worse than what I have been dealing with. Sounds bizarre, I know, but it could be just my FSX set up?

I tried other approach to landings, using various altitudes for disengaging the ATHR and AP modes, and I have found one that I can deal with!

Altitude 175 - Disengage ATHR
Altitude 100 - Disengage AP

The aircraft seems to be content on the descent to flare where I press the F1 key and land!

Seems like a lot more to remember than with other aircraft I am used to flying. Like I said before, the Boeing 737-800 is very easy to perform an ILS landing! I do, however, like the shorter take off and landing distance of the Airbus A321!

Anyway, thanks again! Have a nice evening! - Rick

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Airbus and Boeing are two different animals.
They don't operate alike in all aspects.

See if this is any good.


Rick G Guest

I found this post by Member lionlicker on 6/22/2016 and this has solved this problem!

Show the overhead panel ( Shift 5 ), and you will see three flight control buttons in the mid left region. Click those three FLT CTL buttons to OFF , and you should find the A321 behaves normally.

Also, on final before flare and touchdown, you should turn Auto throttle of first, then turn the Auto Pilot off , in that order.

Remember to use reverse thrust whilst braking on the tarmac - which on my setup is the [fn] key and the [F2] key - - then [fn][F1] to stop the reverse thrust.

Rick G Guest

I should have at least thanked lionlicker for his post on 6/22/2016. I should have remembered this, as I read this long ago before ever attempting the Airbus A321. I know the post has some age to it, but maybe it might help any new flight sim x users attempting to fly the Airbus A321.

In my test flight, I disengaged the ATHR first, then the AP, as lionlicker suggested, at 150' AGL, and it worked like a charm! Those 3 button disengagements was like "taming the monster!" THANK YOU, lionlicker!!!!

Happy flying to all and have a nice day! - Rick

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Glad you were able to solve your problem.
Look long enough and someone else had the same hangup.


Rick G Guest

That's what I like about this forum site, people willing to share and help! Means a lot!

Have a nice day! - Rick

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