Problems completing the reinstallation of FSX

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I've successfully completed the re-installation of FSX via disks 1 and 2. The product was successfully activated for my computer (I got the option to input the product key). The problem occurs when I try to install the Acceleration disk (I might add that the option to input the product key for the acceleration disk was not seen). The following message pops up in a box when I finally run the software:

We're sorry, an unexpected error occured which is preventing product activation from being completed.
ERROR CODE - 1-80004005
More information on this problem may be available online. Would you like to view this information now?

The online link leads to nowhere when I press the YES button. I also noticed that the FSX icon does not appear among my background icons at startup. Can anyone explain how I can get around this and activate my software with acceleration disk?

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Find and install that patch it fixed various errors with my install. SP2 has the acceleration package you mentioned, install that as well. But activate it prior to Service Pack installation.

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