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When landing an A319 I use Auto Pilot to line up on final and manage the speed. Just prior to touchdown, I disengage the AP; draw throttles back to zero; have full flaps engaged, but my landing rate is always high--well over acceptable by Fight Simulator. Can you help me understand best way to manage my landing speed.

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Rick G Guest

Try learning ILS landings. It's a great way of landing the larger aircraft in FS2004 and FSX. Once you master the technique, you will never go back to manual approach to landings!

Good luck and happy flying! - Rick

Rick G Guest

Sorry, I didn't really answer your question. When I make an ILS approach with the Airbus A321, I settle in with the final programmed approach speed of 143 Knots, which on the FSX default Airbus, ends up being around 145-146 KIAS. Seems to work well with my approaches.

Good luck with the Airbus line of aircraft. They can be very difficult to master, unlike the Boeing aircraft!

Happy flying! - Rick

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