FSX cockpit textures issue - please help

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I'm new to FSX and I have a state of the art PC using Nvidia 1080ti graphics card. I am flying the Boeing 737-800 (and all other planes) and the cockpit always looks horrible. I downloaded the update from the downloads section and some of the screens look nice, but generally the graphics look really bad. Am I missing something? When I look on YouTube, every plane cockpit looks very nice. I've paid to update my scenary, installed new planes, but the cockpit always looks bad with old graphics. Am I missing an update? Any help?

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Most of the people on YouTube use upgraded textures or payware versions of the 737-800. You can upgrade the virtual cockpit of the 737-800 by installing this add-on.[/url]

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This is how my VC looks.

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I have somewhat the same problem, but on several aircraft. I only have approximately 160 downloads of which about 10% I can't seem to get the cockpit, panel, gauges to load like they should. I use mostly military aircraft and the last one this happened with was the P-39D. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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