FSX Aircraft Textures Problem

Ashik Jayakumar Guest

I've been trying to battle the problem of blurry textures on AI aircraft in FSX. I know its not that important, but repetitively looking at blurry textures is getting quite annoying. I've tried looking into FSX settings and tweaking them. Anisotrophic filtering doesn't really make a difference and global texture quality is at the highest.

My PC is competent on running all the textures properly (i think?):

Intel i5-6600 (3.3GHz)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 (4GB VRAM)
FSX is also installed on an SSD.

I've had this problem using integrated intel graphics as well. This problem happens on most new installed textures on AI aircraft (e.g. FSPX A350-900 and TFS 77W)

Anyone got a fix?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Try turning up your AA on your video card.
That helps with the "jaggies" and maybe the blurred effect too.

Get it at maximum, reboot and then see if it helps.


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