Looking for a panel for a Cessna 170-B

Rick G Guest

Hi there! I found a download on another flightsim site, a Cessna 170B. I was looking forward to the download, as I used to fly Sky Divers years ago at drop zone down here in South Florida, flying the 170-B. Download went great, but when I went to fly it on FSX, panel view was dark, no panel to be had. Also, on an exterior view of the aircraft, appears to be no windshield? Needless to say the download was disappointing.

I thought about downloading a panel from another Cessna, maybe a 172, but the new 172 panels would show the switch for the electric flaps. I really don't know if that would be an issue, maybe someone out there might have an original panel for a 170-B, or even a panel from an older 172, straight tail like those back in 1959? Just curious......

Don't know what to do with the issue of the windshield? This download is such a nice aircraft, don't know why the developer put it out there like that?

Anyway, any thoughts and/or suggestions will be appreciated!

Thanks - Rick

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Rick G Guest

Wow! I found a FSX panel download for the Cessna 170B! Oh, and the panel came with the switch for electric flaps! Oh well, I will let it spoil me! What a sweet flying aircraft. Did a fantastic wheel landing on the first trip around the pattern!

This aircraft will be a keeper in my hangar for sure!

Thanks and happy flying! - Rick

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