C-130 flare problem

Edmeister Guest

Hi guys! I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but here goes.

I have the payware C130 from Just Flight and have not been able to get any satisfaction from them.

I'm having trouble firing the flares, When the icon is pushed nothing happens.

I've reloaded the plane twice and there is no change.

Does anyone else own the software who might be able help with what is happening?

The Just Flight/Captain Sim web site said to reinstall the plane which is what I did.

The Flyaway sim website is the best flight sim on the web. Everyone here is always so friendly and helpful.

Thanks, Edmeister


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Shift +2, try that.


Edmeister Guest

I tried shift 2. It didn't work. I clicked the IR icon, nothing happened. I went to the FSX settings to see if maybe
I had changed a command key. No luck. I watched the you tube video. It was pretty cool. I watched the
firing procedures. I discovered that after you arm the guns, you can hit the L key to fire the guns. But I still can't
get the flares to work. If I figure it out I will let you know.

Thanks, Edmeister 😕

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Please do let us know, it will help others.

Here's a video of it firing flairs, he say's Shift +2 also.

Click the title on top of video to see it.


Edmeister Guest

Hi guys! I copy pasted the effects folder from FSX that I had stored on a flash drive, and it worked. The flares
work just fine now. Thanks! 🙂

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