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The world’s most famous heavy transport is ready for haulage in Flight Simulator 2004. After three years of very hard work we’re pleased to tell you that C-130 Hercules will be shipping out on 24th February – order a copy now for £29.99/€44.95/$49.99

C-130 Hercules benefits from over 6,000 hours of meticulous development. It is undoubtedly the most sophisticated re-creation of a military aircraft to grace the simulated skies.Remarkable graphics and a superb array of detailed animations are mated to an accurate flight model that has been tested by Hercules crews. The package includes E, H and K variants and comes with a wealth of exclusive content including scenery of RAF Lyneham, in-flight refuelling and an comprehensive tutorial in the 240-page printed manual. This is the complete Hercules experience!

• Officially licensed by Lockheed Martin and the Royal Air Force
• C-130 Hercules has 80 custom animations on the exterior model – you can even unload a Hummer from the cargo hold!
• Try your hand at in-flight refuelling. Uniquely modelled for the Hercules and based on real RAF C-130 refuelling procedures
• Comprehensive printed manual with exclusive Just Flight tutorial
• Includes Gary Summons’ scenery of RAF Lyneham – the home of the Hercules
• Over 50 highly detailed Hercules liveries featuring military and civilian operators

“An amazing achievement.” PC Pilot Classic Award

“Military Aircraft of the Year”

“A level of detail and authenticity never seen before on an aircraft of this vintage.”

“…a perfect 10 out of 10.” Canadian Pilots website

Visit the official site:

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peco Trainee

it looks awesome i pre ordered it yesterday also put a post up called c 130 should be good cheekytrolley 😂

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Well i have spot it too and probably this weekend i will buy it..Its a great craft Punk

Pro Member Chief Captain
CrashGordon Chief Captain

The only thing new is that it is on a CD-ROM. The plane has been available from CaptainSim since last October.

Pro Member First Officer
john (verygom) First Officer

Is the in-flight refuelling on version 1.1?? If so where??

Pro Member Chief Captain
CrashGordon Chief Captain

verygom wrote:

Is the in-flight refuelling on version 1.1?? If so where??

1. Is an AI refueler new?
2. Considering the range of the C-130, how often is refueling needed?

I suppose a case could be made for calling that feature new.

Pro Member Trainee
peco Trainee

🙄 we know it's been out for a while we just wanted to let the people who cant download EVERYTHING that it is out on cd soon.

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