Square smoke effects black contrails instead of white

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Hi guys! I recently downloaded the FSX Buffalo Airways Basler BT64. I am always looking for prop planes
with skis, so I thought i would give this one a try. The graphics are good as well as the flight dynamics. The
problem I am having is with the effects. The smoke effects are trailing as squares rather than smoke, and the
contrails are black instead of white for all my FSX aircraft. I did not have this problem until I downloaded this
plane. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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Try dropping in disk (FSX) #1 and choose repair.


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Did you overwrite the default effects files? If so, you may need to restore them from a backup. You should always backup any default files you overwrite.

What version of FSX? Boxed or Steam?

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I 'm not sure . I almost always backup my files. For some strange reason I didn't this time. My bad! I tried
doing a system restore point from an earlier date, but no luck. I am using FSX boxed. Thanks for your help.
I will keep trying and i will let you know what happens. Embarassed

Edmeister Guest

Duh! I found an old backup on a flash drive. I copy pasted the effects folder. Everything works just fine.
Including the plane I downloaded. Thanks for your help guys! 😀

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