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All of a sudden the rendering of effects in FSX are not showing correctly. For example, there is no landing wheels smoke displayed nor ground dirt dust. The smoke from stacks and engines render as black square boxes. Aircraft lights do not light up when turned on and overall effects show anomalies. I have restored my computer to way back with no results.

Had uninstalled recent add-ons with no results either. Checked my video card Geforce 560 Ti which shows no problems. This problems dates back to at least 6 months ago. Is there any way I can repair these effects without having to reinstall FSX? I have a ton of add-ons and the thought of having to go through all this work makes my neck hairs stand up. Any tips? Thanks all.


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I did a quick Google search and came up with this from another forum. It seems to detail your problem and could hold the answer to repairing it.


I hope it helps, or at least gives you some kind of way forward.

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Thanks Mike, I'll give it a try. Will post results.

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