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Hi Guy's, just downloaded the A380. Looks good, flies good, but in the cockpit, we only have two engines?? Bit strange for a four engine airplane?? Thanks Will.

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What specific A380 add-on are you using? Could you post the link?

Why not try installing a proper A380 panel for the aircraft, you can find one here:

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Hi Guy's the A380 in question is as above. It is by "Project Airbus. Here is the link
Thanks Will.

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Hi Guy's, installed your suggested panel, all is well. Thanks Will.

Jimmy D. Carter Guest

Hi Buddies FSX Pilot,

I wonder to look for but can't find one, Why not this FSX Panel A380-800 Mega Pack, etc. they should add updates for a New Main Panel for on right side seat join online.

Firefalcon, Captain


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