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BC Floatplane Bases download- Disables Vancouver Intl (CYVR)

Kronovan Guest

Hello everyone, first time posting here.

I downloaded the BC Floatplane Bases addon a few months ago. I just purchased and installed Flight 1 Software's Ultimate Terrain (UTX) Canada version 2, so as per the BC Floatplane Bases instructions I copied the BGL files to my FSX:SE \Addon Scenery\Scenery folder. I also have the FS Global 2010 SRTM mesh installed.

What I've encountered is that after installing the BC Floatplane files, Vancouver Seaplane (CAM9) errantly gets selected whenever I create a free flight and select Vancouver International (CYVR) airport. If I remove the AFX_CAM9.bgl and CAM9.bgl files from the \Addon Scenery\Scenery folder, I can thereafter successfully select CYVR, but of course no longer have Vancouver Seaplane. My goal of getting BC Floatplane Bases and UTX Canada was to do bush piloting with seaplanes and eventually get Air Hauler 2 to simulate a cargo company. With that in mind it's important that I can use both CAM9 and CYVR.

I'm hoping someone here might have some suggestions as to how I can get both CYVR and CAM9 working for my installation.

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

Too many add-ons for one area.
It will be a hit and miss if you can get it right.
One may contain more than another and it may never work out.
All you can do is play with them unless someone comes along that has solved the problem.


Kronovan Guest

Thanks for the reply RadarMan. Well BC Floatplane Bases requires that Ultimate Terrain Canada and a SRTM mesh be installed. I had FS Global 2010 before I ever heard of BC Floatplane Bases, but I probably wouldn't have bought UTX Canada if it wasn't a prerequisite. That said, I'm now glad (after lots of tweaking to get acceptable frame rates) I bought it, because it's corrected a number of problems alon the BC coast and in the interior.

Afraid I'm too much of a n00b when it comes to FSX configuration, to know what you mean by "play with them."

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

Some of the BGL files may have parts of a piece of scenery that will overlap each other.
With all of those add-ons for that one scenery they have to overlap.
Lock your FPS at 20 and see if that is better.


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