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I'm new to this forum and new to downloading . I bought FSX when it first came out and I couldn't make it work properly after installing it 3 times. It sat in my desk until Last year when I decided to give it a try again. It works (not well) and I'm pretty overwhelmed with fixes and updates.
I live in Prince George, BC
In FSX there is no river running through the city and it is one of the biggest rivers in BC. In FS9 the river is there and pretty accurate. I downloaded the YXS airport and it is just fine but the scenery of the city sucks as does most of BC. The highest mountain in BC (Robson) might be there but it is not obvious or realistic as it is in FS9. Why is this?? Why would Microsoft change the scenery from accurate to fictional? Is there a download to change this?
As well--- Most of the downloads I have tried do not have explicit instructions as to where the files go and my downloads don't work. A few files placed in the wrong folder result in errors which cause me to uninstall and start over.
I have windows 7
Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00 GHz
4.00 GB Ram
64 - bit OS

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Your very low on ram for W7.
You should have 6 to 8 gigs minimum but they probably isn't your only problem.
Your computer is fairly old and the video card is most likely not strong enough to handle FSX at full scenery.

I would turn down, autogen, clouds, shadow (off) and AI (off).
That may help, also lock your FPS at 20.
30fps for FS9.
Todays new machines (not laptops) for about $1,000US might run it close to full out.
If you run 2004 with your present machine it will look and run great.

I don't know if your machine will run this full out, look it over.


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Thank you Radar

That helps a lot.. I' m not real smart about computers but I will start with turning off some of the textures you mentioned. I had all ready set my frame rate to 30.
Guess I'll call my son in Calgary one of these days and he can make suggestions or send me a new computer. He put this one together for me.

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He can build a beautiful Quad computer, 8-12 gigs ram and a 2gig video card.
The power supply should be a name brand at least 1,000w if not 1,200.
Building it yourself (Son) is much cheaper and much better than buying one.
Good luck and let us know how it all works out.


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