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Hi, just come across this amazing looking concorde.

just scroll down the page to see a complete list of features!
Looks fantastic.

Its commercial software but for all the features you get with it i think its a bargain!

Its available for download i think, but im getting mine on a CD from (direct link: because there was a limited edition that came with a 2 hour DVD of a concorde flight from London to New York with a guy explaining all the checks he has to do and commentry throughought the flight.

The CD version isn't released for another week yet......cant wait!!!!!!


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Yip - I have the same special edition (there aren't many left!) on order - the DVD will be great too.... but I think the add-on will be THE addon of 2005 !

High hopes or what!

For others that like the full airliner sims; the Wilco Embraer ERJ145 was released today - mine should be with me in 2 days ! Looks a very similar plane to the CRJ but hopefully lots of goodies of its all !

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