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ridgeandgable Guest

Hi Guys

I have a new build system but really struggling with monitors, heres the system specs

Motherboard is 970A-DS3P
2x AMD RX580 8gb each
32gb System Memory

I have 2 gaming monitors using eyefinity at 3840 x 2160 (2x Display Port to HDMI)
I have 3 21" for lower displays all at 1366 x 768 (All 3 on Display Port to VGA)
I have 1 10" touchscreen at 1080 x 800 (DisplayPort)

All are working in windows 10, no issues. When I start FSX and load up any aircraft and drag windows about, everything is fine until I get to Radeon. Series.4 it will hang and restart flightsim

I've checked that all resolutions are correct but still no go.

Not sure if its because they are using passive DP cables instead of Active, or if its because the main board only has x16 and 4x? Or if its something else?

Any help would be greatful

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