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Does anyone know if the following Graphics Card supports Multi-Monitor use:-

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, 128Mb

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I have that card and I'm sure that it does support two monitors.
The outlets would be:
1-flat panel
But you can get an adapter so you can run 2 crt's if that's what you have. Don't forget your pushing the card by splitting it's power between two monitors, you may see a decrease in FPS.


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I do have ATI 9600xt card which is a little lower than the 9800
I am using daily multiple monitor. There is not significant frame drop . If you have made up your mind using multiple monitor I can give you some tips from my experience . After all I am playing around with that matter for more than a year. You may see some posts under my name here in the forum.

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That's good news - RadarMan - can you tell me.... Is that 2 types of output types on the back of the graphics card, that you're referring to ?

(I'm 300 miles away from my PC, in London for a week, so can't check my own Video Card out !)....

I'm not intending to go for the "3D" approach with multi-monitors, I just want my main screen for the 2D panel / Virtual Cockpit views, + GPS and Radio......and I want the second monitor to keep a permanent "Spot View" of the plane, along with, the Throttle Quadrant open at the bottom.

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There are two places to plug in your monitors. Your using one now. They both look very different.
One is for a CRT and the other is for a flat-panel (LCD). You can buy an adapter for either so that you can use two crt's or two lcd's or just leave it as is and use one of each.
I think there're called "CRT" and "DVI".
There's probably a TV outlet also but that's another story.
One of these days (don't hold your breath 🙄 ) I'll use one for the aircraft and the other for the GPS.


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