Problem installing FreeMeshX-Global-2.0 - no instruction inc

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I have just downloaded 45 GB files of scenery and don't want to mess up the installation. There is no instruction included in the three .txt files.
Is there a general instruction for installing scenery, by the way?
Best regard and happy New Year! 😉

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P.S. Windows 10, FSX steam edition

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I also found this comment in text file:

"We officially recommend the use of FTX Vectors because all of our testing incorporates it, and it uses elevations derived from the SRTM dataset, the same dataset we use for FreeMeshX Global. To conclude, it does not make any sense to use a global mesh without using any updated vectors. Likewise it does not make sense to use updated vectors without using an updated mesh."

What are these "FTX Vectors" and how to find and install them???

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I don't have what you are using so I'm taking a stab at what you are asking for.
Check this site.


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Sorry, I never mentioned the files's name: I downoaded the free "FSX/P3D FreeMeshX Global Terrain Mesh Scenery 2.0" from this site.
Problem is how to place the folders in Addon Scenery. So far only Drzewiecki's EPWA scenery had own installer which worked, others that I tried did not.

Addon Scenery folder in my FSX -SE has a "scenery" folder inside. Drzewiecki's EPWA scenery installed itself in the main folder, not in this empty scenery folder.
The Global Mesh folders are built like this f.ex.: Free Mesh Asia folder has a scenery folder inside, in wich are the .bgl files

Questions are: 1) do I copy the main Asia folder or its scenery folder? and 2) where to paste it then?
So far whatever I do it doesn't work...

Can somebody pls help?

P.S. same thing happemnned with an EHAM folder - doesn't work. I don't get a chance to "add and check" the new scenery in my Settings/scenery library.

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(FSX boxed version) Problem is how to place the folders in Addon Scenery.
The Global Free Mesh (continent) folders each have a scenery folder inside which contain the .bgl files.

1) Do I copy and paste the whole (continent) folder or only its scenery folder?
2) Where to paste it then?
So far, either way the .bgl files are not recognised.

Alternatively, from within the program, when I used "Add area"( to the scenery library) it only recognised one area. Other areas (the contents of their folders) could not be recognised/ "found" to add (even though they existed).

Also, It looks like that 1st ( a prerequisite) you must spend almost $200 on textures and vectors before you can get "FreeMeshX Global Terrain Mesh Scenery" to work properly. (very disapointing)

(I bought and installed Orbx vectors first - I wonder if it "broke" something in FSX?)

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However under "Approach Two: Direct Copy" (from the above web- link) there are two ambiguous (even contradictory) statements:
1) “Copy the scenery folder DIRECTLY into the “Addon Scenery” folder in FSX.”
2) “…Copy the texture folder from your download to the “texture” folder in FSX.”
Both of these instructions cannot be right because to be consistent (assuming that the instruction for scenery is correct and the instruction for texture is wrong) both texture and scenery folders would be placed, in-entirety (contents remaining together, in situ, left in place) inside the “Addon Scenery” folder.
By following 2) (above) would result in the copied texture folder ending up as another sub-folder called “texture” inside the existing “texture” folder. This is very confusing because if the same principle is followed for the copied scenery folder, then you would end up with another sub-folder called “scenery” inside the existing “scenery” folder.
The author needs to clarify which of the two instructions is the correct method, because before I posted my question, I had already carefully studied the instructions on this link: For someone inexperienced like me, this is potentially confusing!

BTW, saying: “DIRECTLY”
• Does not clarify the relationship of the folder and its contents.
• Simply defines the direction or path of the transfer.
• Is tautology, in that it simply emphasises the direction: “copy…into.”

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Orbx has just announced a promotion with 40% discount for 6-days ending on 2019-10-10.
This is awesome for anyone who needs the textures and vectors that are necessary to make "FreeMeshX Global Terrain Mesh Scenery" to work properly.

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I just downloaded and installed (manually) both of the FreeMeshX Global Terrain Mesh Scenery 2.0 as well as the FreeMeshX USA Terrain Mesh Scenery . I found the instructions pretty simple and straight forward, but I have been playing with MSFS since FS95. However, I can see how it can be confusing for less experienced simmers.

Steps to install

  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file to ANY location of your choice. (i.e C:\Downloads\FSX Files\ Scenery), the author in fact, recommends that you put it somewhere outside of your FSX installation folders (i.e. Addon Scenery). When you do you'll have a folder named: FreeMeshX Global 2.0, inside this folder you'll have the included scenery folder. KEEP THEM INTACT! Do not remove the individual .bgl files.
  2. Launch FSX 
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Go into the Scenery Library
  5. Click on ADD AREA
  6. Now browse your computer and point FSX to the FreeMeshX Global 2.0 folder, once inside this folder you should see the Scenery folder, DO NOT go into it. Instead click on the BLANK WHITE background of the FreeMeshX Global 2.0 folder. This will add FreeMeshX Global 2.0 to your FSX Scenery Library list. 
  7. Click OK 

This will then rebuild the Scenery for FSX and you should be able to go fly right away to see the new changes.

Again, I hope this helps. Disregard if you've already solved this issue.


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After clicking on the FreeMeshX Global 2.0 folder then click on the continent folder (i.e. North America), THEN you will see the scenery folder, ignore it and click anywhere in the blank white space.

Sorry for the confusion

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This is exremely helpful.  Thank you FamilyWeb for clarifying.  I'm new to all of this addon stuff myself and I was also very confused by the instructions.  I saw a video on YouTube that was trying to show how to install it and I noticed the instructions they had were way more detailed.  Not just a few short sentences like I received in my download.  I wasn't able to make it all out because of the way the video was recorded.

On a side note, I just want to say,
I haven't played FSX in years and I just recently discovered this site after searching for a new flight simulators to try.  I came across the Best Free FSX & P3D Photoreal Scenery Add-ons for 2020 article and after reading it, I became so excited I immediately purchased FSX Steam Edition, Signed up for this site (more than worth the $5 a month).  I honestly had no idea there's so much more potential FSX had to offer with all of the breathtaking work everyone here has done.  It has reignited my passion for sim flying so I just want to say thank you so much to everyone here for that.

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I totally just realized these instructions are already posted here. Ugh should have looked before I typed this out.
So here is a repeat of what the general instructions are. 😅


STEP1- Unzip your ungodly download.
STEP2- Select the following folders that have been unzipped:
FreeMeshX - Africa
FreeMeshX - Antarctica
FreeMeshX - Asia
FreeMeshX - Australia and Oceania
FreeMeshX - Europe
FreeMeshX - North America
FreeMeshX - Patches
FreeMeshX - South and Central America

CUT (Right Click Cut. You can copy paste but keep in mind these are 40gb+/-
copy paste will = 80gb if on same drive)

STEP 3 - Navigate to your FSX folder in steam. typically you will look for this folder
\steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Addon Scenery\scenery\

PASTE! those folders you CUT in step 2 Here: \steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Addon Scenery\scenery\

STEP4: (This one is critical read careful)

To load this Addon scenery, Start up FSX from Steam. When it starts go to Settings, Scenery Library.


Navigate to: Addon Scenery > Scenery ( you will see your FreeMeshX - Africa... etc.. folders here)

VERY IMPORTANT: Click one time on the folder so its just highlighted FreeMeshX - Africa.
You will see the directory address is now selected in the Directory field:
steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Addon Scenery\scenery\FreeMeshX - Africa
below it should also fill it scenery title: FreeMeshX - Africa


THIS WILL TAKE YOU INSIDE THE FreeMeshX - Africa Folder with an option to open another folder called: scenery. DO NOT CLICK THE FOLDER, THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!

THIS WILL THEN CLOSE THE DIALOG BOX AND YOU WILL SEE THE scenery is now added FreeMeshX - Africa to the Fsx Scenery Library.

IF You would have clicked the scenery folder it would not work. Its kind of a dead end and any user will naturally click ok and nothing will happen. This almost made me punch my computer screen.

Now Keep adding all those folders the same way, until you have added All your FreeMeshX folders.
FreeMeshX - Africa
FreeMeshX - Antarctica
FreeMeshX - Asia
FreeMeshX - Australia and Oceania
FreeMeshX - Europe
FreeMeshX - North America
FreeMeshX - Patches
FreeMeshX - South and Central America

Make sure all the FreeMeshX folders are at the top

IMPORTANT: 1. FreeMeshX - Patches should be all the way at the top followed by:

2. FreeMeshX - Africa
3. FreeMeshX - Antarctica
4. FreeMeshX - Asia
5. FreeMeshX - Australia and Oceania
6. FreeMeshX - Europe
7. FreeMeshX - North America
8. FreeMeshX - South and Central America
..... The rest of the lib scenery can load after.

Once you got the load order, hit ok. Load up a flight and your ready to experience the FreeMeshX.

I noticed a HUGE difference in the quality of mountains. From default scenery which makes sharp peaks look like soft rolling hills to the FreeMeshX which brings back those sharp peaks and a much more detailed render of the environment.


The FreeMeshX Really adjusts the terrain in a drastic way, and in doing so you will notice some glitches such as airports below water line, weird Sharp little mountains particularly high terrain alt type places.

Apparently to really smooth things over a Payware Vector will be required. I am not sure if there is a vector freeware available, I'll search.

But in the meantime, I recommend GLOBAL VECTOR Product.

It's $69.99 AUD which is about $44 USD. I am trying this route, but please someone let me know if you find an excellent freeware vector adjustments.

FINAL NOTE: Hope this helps someone out. As there is a lack of instruction and then all the videos I found was for P3D and not FSX.


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Ok i think i have installed the freemesh but starting free flight loading scenery is stuck on 6% is that normal

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And about that program orbx what not i cant possibly afford it so i try without Very Happy


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