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Problem installing FreeMeshX-Global-2.0 - no instruction inc

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I have just downloaded 45 GB files of scenery and don't want to mess up the installation. There is no instruction included in the three .txt files.
Is there a general instruction for installing scenery, by the way?
Best regard and happy New Year! Wink

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P.S. Windows 10, FSX steam edition

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I also found this comment in text file:

"We officially recommend the use of FTX Vectors because all of our testing incorporates it, and it uses elevations derived from the SRTM dataset, the same dataset we use for FreeMeshX Global. To conclude, it does not make any sense to use a global mesh without using any updated vectors. Likewise it does not make sense to use updated vectors without using an updated mesh."

What are these "FTX Vectors" and how to find and install them???

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I don't have what you are using so I'm taking a stab at what you are asking for.
Check this site.


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Sorry, I never mentioned the files's name: I downoaded the free "FSX/P3D FreeMeshX Global Terrain Mesh Scenery 2.0" from this site.
Problem is how to place the folders in Addon Scenery. So far only Drzewiecki's EPWA scenery had own installer which worked, others that I tried did not.

Addon Scenery folder in my FSX -SE has a "scenery" folder inside. Drzewiecki's EPWA scenery installed itself in the main folder, not in this empty scenery folder.
The Global Mesh folders are built like this f.ex.: Free Mesh Asia folder has a scenery folder inside, in wich are the .bgl files

Questions are: 1) do I copy the main Asia folder or its scenery folder? and 2) where to paste it then?
So far whatever I do it doesn't work...

Can somebody pls help?

P.S. same thing happemnned with an EHAM folder - doesn't work. I don't get a chance to "add and check" the new scenery in my Settings/scenery library.

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