I am very interested in using FreeMeshX 2.o in my FSX Steam


Due to the extensive bad comments I see on your site and outragiously long DL time (12 Days?) at 45KBS to download What other programs will I need to use this scenery enhancment? Your video showing how t install can hardly be seen (too small) and has no audio on my system?  Would love to join your site as a member but up to now you leave too many quetions unanswered. Pls tell me I am wrong and why! Thanking you in advance for a responce. Rudy from AZ

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It's essentially a global scenery upgrade that improves the terrain beneath you as you fly.  This is not photoreal scenery that contains textures as such, it is the terrain detailing that brings mountains, hills, and valleys to life. Quote
Use a download manager (found free on the net).
That should help you download the full mesh.


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