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Bill Nelson Guest

Experiencing an issue when loading Carenado 525 CJ2.

Have loaded numerous Carenado aircraft, Seneca V, PA-46, Piper Cheyenne, Citation 550 Sll and most recently, Phenom 100.
All the add-ons operate just fine except the CJ2.

Had loaded the CJ2 previously, prior to Windows 10, but since reloading, when selecting the CJ2 on FSX, everything slows down. Even simple keyboard strokes take forever.

Per, Carenado's support desk, I have tried everything. I have uninstalled using the aircraft uninstaller. Uninstalled using Revo uninstaller. Gone into properties of FSX and Navigraph to make sure all permissions were allowed. Tried to reinstall with anti-virus turned off.

It appears that even after uninstall, that there is something remaining on the computer that is preventing an initial reinstall. I never do see the screen asking you to select 'Run, Run, Run, etc; as you should on an initial install.

The file CE2400X , under Microsoft Flight Simulator X, never disappears as it probably should with a complete uninstall. Not sure if this is preventing a proper, initial install of CJ2 or not.

How can I completely sweep it clean and start fresh ?

As I said, I just installed the Phenom 100 with no issues at all.

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It probably is something left in the registry that has to be deleted.
Fooling around in there is always risky but effective if done properly.
I'm surprised Revo didn't get it.
This will last 30 days if you don't buy it.
It will clean out the useless lines in the registry, sometimes a huge amount.
Nothing is foolproof, use at your own risk.
I have used it successfully in the past, but no guarantees.


Bill Nelson Guest


When you say there is probably something left in the registry that needs to be deleted when you do an uninstall. And looking in there can be risky ?

Not exactly sure what you mean or where to begin to look.

I have used Revo and it gives you a list of associated files...but which ones to eliminate...who knows ?

At one point I deleted the whole FSX program, but was able to get it back.

Any further suggestions ?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I don't know what associated files are (I can't see yours) so I can't help there.

To get to registry:

You want to delete anything to do with FSX.
If you delete the wrong line you will have to reinstall Windows.


Av8rr1 Guest

Radar Man

I decided to purchase a new gaming computer and monitor. Hoping addon's such as Carenado aircraft would load correctly.

Also want things to run more smoothly with more capable computer and monitor with faster refresh rate.

Issue is, when downloading Carenado aircraft, they appear as a 'ghost image' when selected. Any suggestions on what might be wrong or something I should be doing ?

Also, do you recommend turning off anti-virus when downloading for a more complete download ?

Bill Nelson

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It's difficult to imagine what you mean without seeing the "ghost image" but my guess is that the video card, probably the entire computer is too old to properly render any graphic intensive add-ons.
A new powerful computer is a great idea if you can afford one, it'll last a long time.
I know that I bought new machines as software became more sophisticated than I could handle.


Av8rr1 Guest


By ghost image I mean when the aircraft comes up, all you see are the windows, lights and pilot images.

I just purchased a new iBuyPower gaming computer and a BenQ gaming monitor.

As I said earlier, do you recommend turning off anti-virus during install of an aircraft download, from Carenado for example ?

Also, are all versions of FSX Deluxe Edition identical, whether you purchased a copy right after release, or after the game had been out for a while ? Did Microsoft change anything ?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Sorry that I didn't answer.
When installing it can't hurt to disable your anti-virus but remember to enable it not turn off your firewall at any time.

They make a pretty good strong computer, I've never bought one of theirs but a friend likes his older one.

I bought my Deluxe version a week before they came out (Best Buy had a surprise sale).
It is the same one they made the last day they pressed them, never changed a thing.
That's why they came out with the patches.

The ghosting like that is most likely from the weak video card, it can't render the graphic intensive aircraft.

The one you have now is probably 10 times stronger.
Have fun!


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