Vulcan Bomber Add-ons for Free?

MrSifter Guest

Hi guys

I'm relatively new to all of this however have a quick question. I have seen all the add-ons for the additional planes and want to fly the Vulcan bomber. I've seen that you can buy these add-ons from shops, ebay etc but what im wanting to know are the planes that you can download for free just as good?

Ta much

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hinch Chief Captain

there may not be a vulcan, but check for some really great freeware british planes.

someof the best availible on there - check out the hunters 😳

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RadarMan Chief Captain
MrSifter Guest

Cheers guys, now just need to learn to fly the thing!

Ideally would like to have flown bombing missions with it however I don't fancy CFS3.....

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Tailhook Chief Captain

MrSifter wrote:

... however I don't fancy CFS3.....

Very wise decision. Now don't go changing your mind.

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