Add-Ons Not Working at all!

Liammarkhamm Guest

I have installed some Add-Ons for FSX and none of them are working, this involves Repaints, Sound and Gauge involved mods. I have disabled Direct X 10 and it still does not work. I have searched high and low on the internet and I have found no solution. My friend and I have installed the exact same mods, they work for him but not for me.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

One of your problems is that if you can't get the first add-on working you just try another.
Your loading FSX up with dead downloads all interfering with each other.
Load one at a time, if it doesn't work delete all of it before trying another.
Read this over and see if it helps.


Liammarkhamm Guest

That is not the case, they just are not working. We done them 1 by 1 originally

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Did you try any of these tutorials.


Liammarkhamm Guest

Yes, we have tried them, they don't work. FSX is not recognizing any of the mods, no matter what mod it is. Works on my friends computer, not mine, we have done the exact same thing

Barrie Goldsmith Guest

Make sure that you have the FSUIPC installed into your modules folder found in the root folder of FSX.

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