Activation of FSX De Luxe Edition and Acceleration

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Please can you help me? I now have 2 versions of Gold, and 3 of De Luxe editions. On re-installations on a new desktop PC, I just cannot get FSC OR Acceleration to Activate. On my latest attempt, I actually got to the end of it all, and appeared to Activate successfully, but a few minutes ago, I had a message from Microsoft telling me that my trial had run out, and the program disappeared. I only installed that version yesterday, so what it is talking about, I have no idea.

Over the years, I have invested quite a lot of money in buying genuine copies of various sodtware for FSX and I am now fast approaching the time when I am going to ditch the lot, and never again have anything to do with microsoft. Why don't they publish a telephone number for we followers in the UK where we can talk to some one and get these programs activated- What a way to run a business!!


Phil Hennessy

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