FS X error code 1-80004005 and activation

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Hi Guy's, I am looking for some help with a problem that has occurred after many months of successful use of FSX acceleration. Suddenly, I start getting error code 1-8000 4005, on start up, and the sim shutting down after 30 mins.
I have got rid of the error code message, by reloading fsx and acceleration. I have activated both FSX and Acceleration. However now every time I try to use FSX Acceleration, I get the activation box up, and until I activate again I can't use the sim, for longer than 30 mins. So it is in trial mode, although I have activated it successfully many times. I am using windows 10. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Wilf. 😕

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Call the number in your country.
They will give you an activation code (key) number to enter.



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