Best Settings for HP Pavilion?

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I have an HP t390 with Pentium IV (3.0Ghz), 512 MB Ram and an nvidia FX5200 videocard. When I run FS 2004 it sometimes just quits "in mid-air". Does anybody have an idea about which settings I should choose?

Thanx in advance

A desperate Dutchman.

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I'm using a HP pav. t134a @ 2.5Ghz with GeForce4 with all the FS2K4 settings up to max, not too bad on most planes exept if you are landing a firefox at say JFK and it can freeze for a few agonizing seconds b4 landing, mine doesn't freeze in mid flight though. Maybe you are simultaniously running other app's?

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It's a late reply but i want to know if the pc restarts while playing the game.
Also i want to know if you solved the problem

i am Dutch also

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You have excellent machines and very good video card. You may have old drivers for the cards that are causing the problems.
Check the cards site and see if you need the latest drivers.

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