Fatal error occurred when I open FSX

Scotty Huey Flyer Guest

I was having problems with aircraft being WHITE with no texture. I was told to uncheck the "Preview in DirectX10" window. The textures worked but the ATC window was all blurry and unreadable. They said on here to check video card. I updated my AMD video card adater. Now when I try to open FSX, it says "FATAL ERROR OCCURED" and closes FSX. FSX wont even open now!!!!  HELP!!!!

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Delete the driver that you just put in, download your old driver and go back to using what works.
When I told you about the blur, I said use the cards catalist control panel to adjust the blur away. [left]

Set your mip map detail level to the highest quality and everything will be fine. You can do this in the CCC



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