My MSFS PC Build

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Hey guys, 
I wanted to share with you a computer I put together for around £1,100 euros. I wanted something well balanced and although I am not expecting top results I think the combination of what I have will fair me well for the next few years with some minor upgrades.

Intel i5 9600K 3.7ghz (4.6ghz overclocked 6 core)
RTX 2060 Super 8GB 
32GB HyperX 1600Mhz

Really looking forward to the release next month and putting my money on the Deluxe edition

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Montgomery Bonner Guest

Bought a new laptop last February in anticipation of this game.  ASUS ROG Strix III - Intel I-7, (Wanted the I-9 but not released in the USA) RTX 2070, 512SSD, 32GB System Ram DDR4, think this will run it just fine.  Unrelated question, should I uninstall FSX before I run 2020?  I think I will the day before, and I will also delete all the directories too.  I will not save any created flights, since the file structure from FSX will be different.  I get to recreate all those over again, that will be fun.
I don't think my Virtivia C-117 will work, but here is to hoping.  

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