What Edition are you pre ordering?

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Matt (airbourne) First Officer

Excited about MSFS? 
Which edition will you be ordering and why ?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Probably The Premium Deluxe Edition.
Why, why not go all the way to start with.
It'll be a long time until they come out with another version.
It also will be a long time until we can afford a super computer to run it full out.
I didn't notice that they had  DC3, ny favorite.


Montgomery Bonner Guest

I have pre ordered the Premium Deluxe Version.  I am staying awake that evening to start the download at 12:01 EST, August 18th, 2020 because I have such a slow internet connection.  I think based on what I have heard, it will take me at least 2 days to get the whole thing downloaded.  World of Warships took two days too.  

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mancunianpcgamer Trainee

i got the basic pack as im a beginner and im just learning about flight sims but im loving it so far.

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