Getting activation code for Addit Pro for Flight Sim X

Curt E. Cornell Guest

Does anyone know how to contact Joseph Stearns, creator of Addit Pro software for Flight Sim X??? I sent a payment to his website,, for an activation code. The payment was processed, but I've never received the code and nobody has responded to any of my inquiries. Would appreciate any help or info. Thanks.

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I ordered AddIt Pro a couple months ago and never got any reply or code. I email him per the website several time and even emailed the webmaster. Still never got any replies. I then contacted him via paypal and they never got a response either. I've had to file a dispute to try and get the money back. It's a shame, I had bought a copy years ago for FSX and decided to get one for P3D but that looks like it's not going to happen. I hope he's ok...

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purchased back on the 9th (08092020) I have emailed him three times once through PayPal had no choice but to start the "undelivered item" process. I as well hope everything is okay

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Update: PayPal processed my refund today honestly, I would have rather had the full version 😥

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Thanks for posting solution to problem.


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I also sent a registration fee for Addt pro and have heard nothing but crickets.

I did an internet search and I beleive I found his obituary from March 15th.
The mailing address in the software is only a few miles from the funeral home.

I'll send a request to paypal for a refund, but I tthink I left it too late.


I also purchased Addit! pro software and did not receive a response. My emails went unanswered so I filed a claim with PayPal. I received a refund. I did some internet searching and discovered Joseph Stearns obituary. Nothing definitive but all indications is that Joseph Stearns of Addit! Pro has passed away. There has been no activity on the website since his death so I'm confident that the deceased Joseph Stearns is owner of Addit! pro software.  R.I.P.


The first time was fast I had the code wihin hours. I have paid for 3 mopnths. We need this taken care of

Dr Michael A Tracey Guest

Does anyonw know how to register a copy of Addit Pro? I sent money (twice) for registration, never got my funds back after many months and no code. 
I have been using FLTSIM since version 5 and i as i fiddle with designing planes. Addit is handy for me me to use. 
DOES ANYONE WANT TO SELL A REGISTERED COPY of Addit or the code to use the program please?
Many thnks
Dr MIchael A Tracey

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