Saitek Rudder Pedals Problem...???

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After a long wait until I had the money I got a set of Saitek Rudder Pedals (Least Expensive Ones) to complete my set up with my Saitek Yoke & Trottle Quadrant...
After setting up and calibrating them, I am ready to take off at the runway (Wherever), and I advance the power and the Cessna starts to veer off to the left of the runway and the is basically out of control...???
When I do try to correct with the rudder pedals that just sends the aircraft veering down the runway from side to side uncontollably (Even small "Inputs)...???
I have managed to take off with this problem and once in the air the "Turn Coordinater Bubble" is all over the place without any rudder or aileron input at all, the aircraft wants to fly left and out of control...!!!
I have reset everything in the FSX options (Yes...I have "Unchecked" the Auto Rudder Button) and done a reinstall with the Saitek CD which walks me throught the calibration and set up which seems fine, although when calibrating them through FSX Settings/Options The "Left & Right" Toe Brakes settings do not seem correct as the "Test" Box shows the left toe brake moving from "Left to Right" and the right toe brake moves from the upper left of the box to the bottom...???
I am at a total lose of what to do or try next...???
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...!!!

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Although 4 years since this post without replies, I am a newbie to flight sims generally and fsx specifically. I believe their is a glitch in fsx regarding rudders. I have virtually the same problem with gold version of fsx and CH yoke and pro rudder pedals.
Sure wish someone knew a fix because this renders fsx useless.

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