Installing Mesh V4 Torrents

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Hi all,,

Very new to simulators and X Plane 11.  

I am excited to find this site and eager to see the addons in scenery.

Is there a detailed step by step process where to install files.

Lets start with 
1. Where do I install/extract Mesh V4 Torrents to?

I have downloaded the zip file and extracted it. Its just sitting my my dowload folder though. All 174 torrents.

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Hey there!

I assume you have not only downloaded the .torrent files but have used them to download (and maybe reseed) the 174 .zip archive files containining the data. The difference is noticeable. The torrents weigh in on just a few MB on your hard drive, whereas the .zip archives take a full 125GB of disk space.

Assuming further that you are using Windows, you have to use Explorer to navigate to your X-Plane directory, and access the "Custom Scenery" folder.
In this folder create a new folder called "zzz_hd_global_scenery4".
Access this folder and create a subfolder called "Earth nav data".

macos users may use instead and do the same. In Linux use whichever program you like best, probably a shell program Wink Hang on, you are almost there!

The .zip archives contain folders that follow a latitude/longitude naming convention, like "+40+010". Unzip the content of the downloaded archives into above "Earth nav data" folder, so that finally 174 folders named "+/-XX+/-YYY" populate it. There is actually no need to have all 174 packages on the hard drive. It is sufficient to install them on a "need to have for this airport and region" basis.

You are done. The next time you start X-Plane, it will compile the required scenery data once you have chosen your place of departure (usually an airport). You should see the difference right after loading has completed!

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