Troubleshooting Post-Japan Update Start-up Issues in MSFS 2020

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Has anyone had problems starting MSFS 2020 since the Japan update If so can you offer help, please?

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Certainly, the evolution of MSFS 2020 has been a thrilling journey, with updates consistently rolling out to elevate the flight simulation experience. The Japan update, while providing spectacular visuals and regional enhancements, has indeed been a topic of discussion in various circles.

Starting off, I'd like to mention that any major update can come with its fair share of teething problems. Let's get to the heart of the matter:

  • Check for Completeness: Ensure that the Japan update has fully and correctly downloaded. Sometimes, partial downloads or interruptions can cause issues.
  • Graphics Driver Update: Often overlooked, but immensely crucial. Make sure your graphics drivers are up-to-date. Manufacturers like NVIDIA and AMD frequently release updates that can resolve compatibility issues, especially post a significant game update.
  • Conflict with Add-ons: Some third-party add-ons might not be immediately compatible with new updates. Consider temporarily disabling them to check if this is the root of the issue.
  • User Configuration Files: At times, user config files can conflict with updates. Consider renaming your UserCfg.opt file which can be found in the local cache directory, forcing the sim to generate a new one.
  • Reinstallation as a Last Resort: If all else fails, and I understand this might sound daunting, you might consider a fresh reinstall of MSFS 2020. Before you proceed, ensure to back up your custom liveries, configurations, and third-party add-ons.

Moreover, while this might be directly relevant to the Japan update, do remember that these troubleshooting steps can be applied to future updates or similar issues in platforms like X-Plane 12 too, ensuring you're always in the sky, experiencing the magic of flight.

Lastly, it might be beneficial if you could provide more specific details regarding the issue you're facing. Any error messages, unusual behaviors, or patterns you've noticed will be instrumental in narrowing down and potentially resolving the problem.

Safe flights and happy landings!

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