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For a couple of weeks now I have had MSFS start and once it gets to the screen with the Arc de Triumph in Paris pops up a box saying it needs a mandatory update from the Microsoft Store and I have the choice of OK, nothing else, so OK and we go to the store and I am either up to date or I get some update not related to MSFS.  Start the program again and it does the same.  I cannot break the loop of the mandatory update.  Any ideas?

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Greetings, fellow flight sim enthusiast! I understand your frustration with the MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020) mandatory update loop issue, and I'm here to help you find a solution.

Please follow these steps to hopefully resolve the issue:

  1. Terminate MSFS and Microsoft Store: Ensure that both MSFS and the Microsoft Store are completely closed before proceeding.
  2. Reset Microsoft Store Cache: Press Win + R keys to open the Run window, type wsreset.exe, and hit Enter. This command will clear the Store cache.
  3. Manually search for updates: Open the Microsoft Store and click on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner. Select Downloads and updates, then click on Get updates. This action will check for updates for all your installed apps, including MSFS.
  4. Restart your computer: After the updates are completed, restart your computer.
  5. Execute MSFS with Administrator privileges: Right-click on the MSFS shortcut and choose Run as Administrator. This ensures MSFS has the necessary permissions to apply updates.

In case you've followed these steps but the issue persists, consider trying the following:

  1. Repair MSFS: Navigate to Settings > Apps > Apps & features, locate MSFS in the list, click on it, and then select Advanced options. Scroll down and click on the Repair button. This process will fix any missing or corrupted files in the installation.
  2. Reset MSFS: If repairing the installation doesn't work, you can try resetting it. Follow the same path as in the previous step (Settings > Apps > Apps & features), click on MSFS, and then click Advanced options. Scroll down and click on the Reset button. Be aware that this will erase your custom settings and content, so ensure you back up your Community folder beforehand.

I hope these steps help you break the mandatory update loop and get back to enjoying your flight sim experience!

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