When installing free aircraft, unable to find that plane any

Steve Morris Guest

I installed a free aircraft, downloaded zip file, extracted it then put it in the Community folder by drag and drop, then tried to find the aircraft but it’s not there at all hmmm. What happened here, tried several planes but nothing. Notice under different aircraft tabs there is one named “Others” what’s that tab for, please help, stuck unable to add aircraft. Thanks.    Steve

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Peter Norman (scorpio48) Trainee

Hi Steve,
Microsoft has just released a large update (Patch) for FS 2000. but in the footnote it ask users to remove the community folder to another folder ?? as this update won't cover the 'Community folder'.
This suggests that amoung their other problems with this program (100's of them) they have one with the add-ons that they can't fix.
I bought the Premium deluxe version because I wanted a couple of the extra airports with it, and especially two of the extra planes, unfortunately neither of these planes work properely, they are very unstable and impossable to fly.
Sorry thats not much help to your problem, its a case of waiting until they solve this problem (which they know about)..

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