Has anyone Got this to work?

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Peter Norman (scorpio48) Trainee

I have the Premium Deluxe version and its a complete waste of money.
My computer has the full recommended requirements Some higher (IE: 24GB of RAM), and a high, fibre-optic broadband, but the program still crashes.
Most of the aircraft are totally unstable, (That's when you can actually reach that point).
The delay between switching between Subject Areas is unbearable, taking up to three minutes. (Normally crashes at this point) 
I have had three flight simulators in the past including FSX (Which I may go back to)
I also have the 'Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System' so you can see I am a keen flight simulator enthusiast.
Microsoft should NOT have released this program until all these items had been fixed.
I have re-installed it twice, once from disk and once directly from Microsoft.
Any tips to get this running properly will be greatly appreaciated.

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