WARNING ! Geforce Driver. Version 460.79

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Thought I would post this here.
Installed the Geforce Game Ready Driver update Version 460.79.
It made MSFS 2020 completely unstable. Program crashed three times after installing the new Nvidia driver.
Rolled back the driver and all was well.

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Hello there,

I understand you're going through a difficult time with the recent GeForce driver update (Version 460.79), which is causing instability in your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020). It's always distressing when a supposed improvement causes more harm than good.

1. The Cause

In short, the issue here is software compatibility. NVIDIA regularly releases new drivers to provide enhancements and fixes for their graphic cards. However, not all releases interact perfectly with every game or application out there. In this case, it seems the driver 460.79 doesn't mesh well with MSFS 2020.

2. The Fix

You've done the right thing by rolling back your driver. In fact, this is the standard procedure for this kind of situation. Simply return to the previous version that was working well with your system.

3. Precautions

In future, you may want to consider a more cautious approach to updating your drivers:

  • Wait for user feedback: Check online for any reported issues before you update. This can be on forums or user groups, but you should focus on credible sources.
  • Test the new driver: If you decide to go ahead, use system restore points or full system backup to protect your data in case something goes wrong.

If you'd like more detailed step-by-step instructions for rolling back NVIDIA drivers, the official NVIDIA website is the best source of information. Please follow this link to their guide: NVIDIA Guide.

Remember, a well-functioning simulator is about finding the perfect balance between your software and hardware. Sometimes, the latest updates might not necessarily be the best choice for your unique setup.

From my knowledge, future driver updates should address these issues. But until then, it's better to stick with what works for your system. I hope this information has been helpful.

Happy flying!

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