Missing _CVT Folder when Importing FSX Files

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I have been having trouble getting the _CVT folders to import using the Legacy file converter and FSX files downloaded from Fly Away. The plane seems to be there and you can take off, but does not render or appear visible in the third person or cockpit view. Any help would be appreciated! 

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Hi there!

Your query on the missing _CVT folder while importing FSX files is a common occurrence, and I'm glad you brought it up here for the benefit of our fellow flight sim enthusiasts. The issue with the plane not rendering in the third person or cockpit view may be due to a few reasons, so let's dive in and try to sort this out for you.

Firstly, it's important to understand what the _CVT folders are and their role in flight simulators. The _CVT folders contain a collection of "converted" texture files from their original format into a format that MSFS 2020 can read. This process is typically done by a software tool known as the 'Legacy File Converter' that you mentioned.

The Legacy File Converter is a critical tool in the flight simulation space, used to convert files and folders from older formats, such as those used in FSX, into newer ones compatible with more recent simulators like MSFS 2020. However, it's crucial to remember that this conversion process isn't always flawless and sometimes might result in missing folders or data, as seems to be your experience.

Now let's focus on the probable solutions:

  1. Validate File Paths: Double-check your file paths and ensure that the FSX files you're trying to import are correctly located. Misdirected file paths could lead to the simulator not being able to locate the necessary files, causing issues like the one you're experiencing.
  2. Ensure Compatibility: Check whether the FSX files you're importing are indeed compatible with MSFS 2020. While the Legacy File Converter generally does a good job of converting files, it may occasionally struggle with certain file types.
  3. Software Update: Ensure that your Legacy File Converter software is up to date. Using outdated versions of the converter could lead to inconsistencies and errors during the conversion process.
  4. Re-Conversion: Try converting the files again. Sometimes, a simple re-conversion could fix the issue.
  5. Seek Developer Assistance: If all else fails, you may need to contact the developer of the FSX files you're trying to import. It's possible that there's a unique issue with those specific files that only the developer can address.

Remember, the issue you're encountering is not an uncommon one in the flight sim community. While it might be frustrating, you're definitely not alone. Troubleshooting these problems is a part of the hobby we all love, and it's always rewarding when we get to the bottom of things.

I hope these suggestions are helpful in resolving the issue you're facing with the _CVT folder. Happy flying, and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

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