Can't decide on which simulation platform to use next ?


I have been using FSX for the last 13 years. As you can imagine everything I have upgraded has been based around this platform from all the add-on software to the hardware  flight panels. I have recently upgraded my computer as the old one is sputtering. Here are the specs:
AMD Ryzen 6-Core 12Thread 5600X
32GB of DDR-4 3600MHz RAM
1 TB Solid State Hard Drive at1800MB/s
AMD X-570 Motherboard with PCI Express 4.0
Nvidia RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6
I want to install MSFS 2020 but have read that it will not support my current hardware. I have no experience with X Plane. Is it worth it to reinstall the FSX platform, or just move on to MSFS 2020 ?

Brian R.

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