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Anyone using SimOnSolution Desktop 737 sim MCP/OHD/TQ/Pedals?
I have one on order - looking for any feedback for installation/use.


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All right, it appears no one has any feedback on installation or issues.

Is there any interest in documenting the process for installation/configuration?

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The MCP, OHD, Yoke all work flawlessly.  The TQ is a CFY sourced unit.  The software is installed, and all is functional with the exception of while in auto-throttle, where the throttle handle movements do not mimic the software for engines/throttle positions.  Instead of smooth and sychronized application of the throttle up or throttle down, I get random throttle handle movements that are not related to throttle use in the P3D software... ie. No demand for Throttle Up or Down, yet I get throttle movement.  TCP connection or UDP connection makes no difference in the configuration, and I have calibrated regularly.


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Have contacted SimonSolution countless times and always receive a reply promising to fix issue, but they never follow up.  LED reads "Speed Break" instead of "Speed Brake" in two locations on the 737 desktop simulator.  Expert engineering?  Quality Assurance?  I even sent the company pictures of this major production error.  Received response that new LEDS with installation instructions would be sent ASAP.  Months have gone by with nothing!  No support!  Good luck!

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Hey Disgruntled,
Send me a PM.  I'd be interested in comparing issues/experiences.
I'm still actively working with them to solve the problem.


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