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I decided to try out Simon Topmann's a310 panel (which has a patch) but I seem to have encountered a problem. At the gate, I went through start-up as required, but when was done, I found out that I couldn't activate the FD, my AP wasn't turning on, and my radios were offline. I think this is because of avionics, but I couldn't find an Avionics switch, despite the fact that this is a very advanced panel. I tried assigning an Avionics key to the controls, but it didn't make a difference. If anyone has this panel, please let me know how you got them working.

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crosscheck9 Guest

Well - I've made progress but not much. I changed the key assigment, and it turned out that my problem was related to Avionics, but now I encountered a second problem. I cannot engage the autopilot, and I can't alter the speed in the speed selector place 😕 - The area in there is blank. Any ideas as to how I can fix this? After this is done, I beleive it will be the end of my problems with the a310

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Where did you get the panel from, I'll download it later and try it out 😉

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Go to avsim > Search Simon Topmann a310 in the FS2004 Panels section> You should see the panel and a patch for it - Download both -

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