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Can anyone tell me where to get airport "Charts"?

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Hello fellow simmer,

I see you're in search of airport charts for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Don't worry, I've got you covered! There are numerous sources available to obtain these charts, both free and subscription-based. I will list a few reputable sources below for your convenience:

FAA Aeronautical Charts
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is a great resource for obtaining charts for US airports. They provide sectional charts, terminal area charts, and enroute charts. The best part is that these charts are completely free!

SkyVector is another fantastic source for free charts. They offer a comprehensive set of aeronautical charts, including sectional, low/high enroute, and terminal area charts. While their primary focus is on US airspace, they also provide some charts for international locations.

For those who require more detailed and up-to-date charts, Navigraph is a popular choice among flight simulation enthusiasts. They provide high-quality charts for airports all around the world, including IFR plates, SID/STAR charts, and approach plates. Navigraph is a subscription-based service, but many simmers find it worth the investment for the quality and extensive coverage it provides.

ChartFox is a free, community-driven project that aims to provide pilots with easy access to a wide range of airport charts. They source their charts from various providers and centralize them in one convenient location. ChartFox is particularly useful if you're looking for charts for airports outside the United States.

I hope you find these sources helpful for obtaining airport charts to enhance your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 experience. Remember, always stay up-to-date with your charts to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.

Happy flying!

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