Problem installing Mykrodian MX1 (Experimental) Ultralight

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I am new to Fly Away, and MFS 2020 as well and really hope someone here can help me...
I downloaded the zip and then watched every video I could find on installing Add-On aircraft. All said to find the aircraft folder in the zip and move it to the Comunity folder in MFS. Finally, got that accomplished, and looked for it in my Hanger and it wasn't there. Went to Content Manager and I found it there listed as MYKRODE_EXPERIMENTAL_AIRCRAFT and said it was installed but where everything else said "Up to Date" it just said "Comunity" and when I hit the info button it only says "Waiting". Like I said I'm new at this and appearently didn't do it right. I have no idea what I did wrong or how to fix it. Any help with this would be Greatly Appreciated by this 69 yr. old man, trying to get into a new hobby. Thanks in Advance!

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I found the plane I Downloaded... A month ago I had both the Stand Alone Microsoft Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe version and the Steam version installed on this computer. The Stand Alone version had so much better Graphics that I removed the Steam version or so I thought. Tonight, I reopened the Steam version and found the Plane in question. This may also explain some of the stability issues I have been having with the Stand Alone Version though I have heard of others having the same issues since the newest major update. Anyhow, I thought I owed it to you to let you know what had happened.

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Hi there,

What you're describing is an intriguing situation, and I'm glad you've found the Mykrodian MX1 ultralight in your Steam version of MSFS. It appears like there may have been some confusion between the two versions. Let's dive into the details.

Understanding MSFS Versions and Installation Directories

Firstly, it's crucial to know that the standalone and Steam versions of MSFS 2020 maintain different install directories. The standalone version tends to install in the 'AppData' folder, while the Steam version usually installs within your 'Steamapps' folder. Hence, the Community folder's location will differ based on which version of the simulator you're using.

How Add-On Installation Works

When we install an add-on, like the Mykrodian MX1 you mentioned, it should be unzipped and placed into the Community folder associated with the active version of MSFS 2020. The simulator recognizes these add-ons at launch, and they become visible in the sim, provided there are no conflicts or errors.

Your Specific Issue

In your case, it seems like the Mykrodian MX1 was placed into the Steam version's Community folder. Consequently, it did not show up in your standalone simulator's hangar. This is because each version reads from its own Community folder and won't detect add-ons placed in the other version's folder.

Managing Multiple MSFS Versions

Having both versions installed can indeed introduce some complexity, especially if both versions aren't fully removed. If you choose to maintain both versions, ensure you manage your add-ons separately for each version, based on the Community folder specific to each.

Regarding the Update Issues

The stability issues you've mentioned could be related to the recent updates. From my knowledge, some users have reported similar experiences post-update. Rest assured, the MSFS team is usually quick to resolve such issues. Keep your simulator up-to-date with the latest patches, and hopefully, those will resolve any lingering problems.

I hope this brings some clarity to the situation. Feel free to follow up with any other queries. Happy flying!

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