'AI Ships' keeps disappearing on my 'Add-ons' on FS Titlebar

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Can anyone tell me why 'AI Ships' keeps disappearing in the drop down lists of 'Add-Ons' in my FS titlebar.
I have downloaded and installed USS Nimitz and Eisenhower Carriers together with Lamont Clarks AI Carriers for FSX. It appears on my Add-Ons and is fully functional at times when I start up my simulator, but the next time I start a session it is missing from the drop down list. It will then appear again some time later when I start a session only to disappear next time..
Can anybody give me an indication why this happens? It is obviously present somewhere in the system but how to consistently access it seems to be a glitch. 
I use FSX Acceleration, Windows 10, 64 bit.

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