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For those interested in carriers/warships - folowing has just been uploaded to Avsim -

"File Description:
This scenery places the two Yorktown-class aircraft carriers of the pre-WW2 U.S. Navy with a screen of four cruisers at sea 100 miles due east of Provincetown, Massachusetts, on the tip of Cape Cod. The ships are the Virtual Navy's Task Force 16 relocated and with the Hornet posing as the Yorktown. This package contains the carriers, cruisers, ship wakes, AFCAD files for all six ships and Arrestor Cables catch zones for the carriers. It provides start points on both carriers, on the catapults of all four cruisers, and in the water between the carriers for seaplanes. Also included are flight starts for Paul Clawson's Curtiss SOC Seagull on the catapults of the cruisers and for the plane of your choice on the carriers, and authentic repaints of the SOC for aircraft assigned to the cruisers plus one for the personal aircraft of the Admiral commanding CarDiv2. There is also a selection of Golden Wings splash screens featuring the ships and planes of CarDiv2. Carrier Division 2 is being released in celebration of Golden Wings 3, but works just as well in a standard FS9 installation. Catapult floatplane operations require the Carrier Operations Gauge Package and Paul Clawson's Curtiss SOC Seagull or another catapult floatplane. Ships and wake effects by The Virtual Navy, modified AFCAD files, SOC repaints, flights and ship placement by Mick Morrissey. A big Thank you to the Virtual Navy for allowing this use of their ships!"

link -

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